The big challenge: The opening of Delta Planet Mall

The big challenge: The opening of Delta Planet Mall

One of the biggest challenges for our team is certainly the opening of Delta Planet Mall – the first major shopping mall in the country opened after a wave of shopping malls opened a decade ago.

Although the task seemed very complex at first, after breaking it down into many small goals, execution become a refreshing experience for all. The slogan of the campaign came quite naturally  – a new mall was changing the urban shopping dynamics, and so, “Everything is changing”.

To emphasize the scale of the event, we decided to create not a one-day opening campaign, but an entire 4-day opening festival, each with a rich visitor program, a special opening for event guests, and lots of prizes, fanfare, sweets, concerts, and smiles. And more and more, and more.

And how the whole performance craze went – read HERE.

Reading time – it doesn’t matter because it’s super interesting.

 Delta Planet Mall


Delta Planet Mall Varna


Opening of Delta Planet Mall Varna