CEO and Creative Director
Elitsa Mihaylova is the founder, owner, and creative director of Social Freaks. She has a bachelor's degree from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and she holds an MBA in marketing from the City University of Seattle. She started her journey as an entrepreneur founding a small web design studio in Sofia when she was 19 years old. She is also a lecturer and jury at conferences and competitions in the creative industry, in the field of communications and advertising. Ely will love your brand and work for it - telling you where you're going wrong, creating a strategy, and taking care of your growth. The opportunity to lay the foundations of the only creative agency in Plovdiv is her dream come true. When she is not talking or thinking about work, she likes to be in the mountains, to sing or play golf.


Client Service Director
Galya holds a degree in the field of Marketing and Advertising, and digital marketing becomes an integral part of her life. She is young, energetic, responsible and open to new knowledge. Galya describes herself as a person who handles hardships, loves challenges and strives to achieve everything she puts her focus on. She likes to spend her free time with a nice company, in a new place or just with a glass of nice wine.


Account Manager
Maria completed her higher education in the field of Marketing, where she realized her passion for digital marketing. She is a person with a huge interest in new knowledge and accepts every task as a challenge in her own path of improvement. She would define herself as a very responsible and analytical person who always looks from every side of things to make the best decision. Among her favorite pastimes are a long walks in nature, as well as movie nights spent with friends.


Account Manager
Hulia is among the newest additions to the Social Freaks family. Having completed her bachelor's degree in software technologies and design at the University of Plovdiv, she decided to immerse herself in the field of marketing, which attracted her from a very early age. She defines herself as a positive, persistent, and radiant person. She likes to travel and during the warm months prefers to spend her free time outside with friends, and during the winter she enjoys long evenings filled with movies and video games.


Account Manager
After years of experience in sales Yoanna discovered her passion for digital marketing. She received her master’s degree in Marketing and immediately dived in the world of Social Freaks. Yoanna is extremely persistent and has inexhaustible resource of energy which help her in her work. In her free time she likes to visit new places and to read books.


Account Manager
Konstantin completed his higher education in the field of tourism. Despite his dedication and love for cooking, he understands that it is time for a change and decides to immerse himself in the advertising world. He is responsible, positive, energetic, and eager for new knowledge and skills. He describes himself as someone who is cheerful, dedicated, and can handle difficulties. He loves the sea, traveling, and cool people.


Account Manager
Kristina completed her higher education in the field of Marketing and soon after sought realization in the world of digital marketing. She is creative, optimistic, and ambitious. She loves exciting trips to new countries, fascinating novels, and good food. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks, painting, and music.


Graphic Designer
Tanya graduated with a bachelor's degree in tourism. Besides her love for traveling, she found her great passion in graphic design. She is creative, curious, inspired, and purposeful. She loves innovation and hates monotony. Tanya spends her free time in nature or in the company of her relatives.


Graphic Designer
Kamelia graduated with a degree in Cultural Studies and soon after was drawn to the world of Graphic Design. She is artistic, intuitive, and optimistic. She enjoys her work and is ready to climb the ladder of an exciting career. She likes to swim and walk in nature. Her first love is music and movies. To maintain a good mood, she needs to eat, sing and spend time alone.


Graphic Designer
Velichka completed her higher education in graphic design at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Despite her four years in the capital city, she decided to start her professional journey in the "city under the hills", namely - Plovdiv. In her free time, she likes to do sports, and her sources of inspiration are the sea breeze and the waves.


Projects Manager & Sales
Krasi lives and works on the Internet. She has many years of experience as a project manager at a web agency, has managed several successful online stores and has been promoting online businesses since 2004. Krasi is the PPC & Performance freak in the team who will drive your sales and boost results. She has a degree in economics and IT, and is a fan of traditional arts. He loves rock music, different people and freedom.


Rimo is one of the many workaholics in the team with nearly 280 developed projects and sites. He creates miracles, is always on time with all the deadlines and satisfies our customers needs to the highest standards. He works hard, relaxes with hiking and gaming, and enjoys ice skating, fishing and cooking outdoors. Rimo is not your typical programmer - he speaks without incomprehensible terms and acts quickly, adequately and willingly!